Modernize your facility management.

Prevent costly asset breakdowns, streamline work order management, and effortlessly track assets with a modern CMMS – the key to excellence in facility maintenance.

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Welcome To A New Era In Facilities Management.

Are you tired of grappling with the common headaches that plague facility managers — unexpected spikes in maintenance costs, the tediousness of manual work orders, staffing shortages, and the overwhelming burden of asset tracking? Enter the era of intelligent facilities management, where our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is your gateway to smoother operations, lower costs, and stress-free asset management.


Optimize operational efficiency in the manufacturing process by minimizing production downtime through CMMS-managed equipment maintenance.

Biotech: Ensure precision, reliability, and regulatory compliance in complex laboratory equipment maintenance.

Upgrade your biotech lab with our smart maintenance system. We make sure your equipment works perfectly, follows the rules, and stays reliable. No more worries – just easy, smooth lab management. Let our system handle the details, so you can focus on important research without any hassles.

Car Washes: Maintain smooth operations and prevent breakdowns with regular machinery and equipment maintenance.

Keep your car wash running smoothly! Our easy maintenance system ensures everything works well, so you never face unexpected issues. Say goodbye to breakdowns and hello to stress-free operations. Trust us to take care of your machinery and equipment, making car wash maintenance a breeze!

Casinos & Resorts

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction with well-kept facilities, from HVAC systems to gaming machines.

Country Clubs

Elevate the overall member experience through well-maintained golf courses, clubhouses, and recreational facilities.


Minimize disruptions during performances or events by ensuring the maintenance of audio-visual equipment, stages, and facilities.

Hospitality & Hotel Management

Contribute to a positive guest experience by streamlining maintenance tasks for hotels, including room repairs and landscaping.

Golf Courses

Create an enjoyable playing environment for golfers by maintaining golf course equipment, irrigation systems, and facilities.

Health & Fitness

Guarantee a safe and efficient workout environment by ensuring the regular maintenance of fitness equipment.


Ensure a secure and well-maintained facility by organizing and managing maintenance tasks for security systems, access gates, and storage units.


Promote animal well-being and ensure visitor safety by utilizing CMMS to maintain enclosures, safety systems, and other facilities.

Businesses across the country rely on nodaFi CMMS to confidently and easily manage thousands of assets across numerous facilities at maximum efficiency, reducing costs and improving safety.

We used Brightly's system at the YMCA for many years. Their software hadn’t been updated once. We switched to nodaFi for their better user experience, great mobile app and awesome customer support.

Dustin Lewis

Executive Director of Facilities at the YMCA

Prevent costly breakdowns with proactive maintenance

Tired of unexpected repair bills? Our CMMS helps you stay ahead of the curve. With proactive maintenance scheduling and automated alerts, you can prevent costly breakdowns, reduce emergency repairs, and keep your maintenance budget in check. Say goodbye to unplanned expenses and hello to peace of mind.

Streamline work order management with ease

Don't let paper work orders and spreadsheets slow you down. Our CMMS simplifies work order management with user-friendly features. Create, assign, and track work orders in seconds, ensuring tasks are completed on time. No more paperwork, just efficient, organized, and hassle-free maintenance.

Effortless asset management at your fingertips

Lost track of your assets? Our CMMS takes the guesswork out of asset management. From inventory tracking to maintenance history, you can access all the information you need in one place. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and legacy CMMS solutions and hello to effortless asset management.

Drive efficiency and productivity with a modern CMMS

Tackle workforce shortages and rising costs head-on by leveraging the efficiency-driven capabilities of nodaFi CMMS. By streamlining maintenance processes, automating workflows, and optimizing workforce productivity, nodaFi CMMS helps organizations do more with less. Say goodbye to the woes of the labor shortage and embrace the power of efficient maintenance management.

We view our nodaFi implementation as a complete success. It integrates perfectly with our other systems and helps us operate smoothly.

Nolan Anscheutz

Manager of Basketball Operations at the Memphis Grizzlies

NodaFi customers achieve measurable business outcomes.

reduction in downtime
faster resolution times
hours saved per week
data driven decisions

See how brands maintain safe, reliable, and efficient facilities for seamless operations and exceptional customer experiences.


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